Astronomy Festival Click to Register with Parktakes Online
Enjoy activities including guided star gazing, looking through the telescope, and listening to ancient stories about the constellations round the campfire. Other activities and games going on throughout the evening. Hot chocolate and snacks available for purchase. Cancelled if raining or snowing.$6 online, $7 at the door.
Start Time/Day:  5:30pm Sat
Start Date: 2/13/2016
Madison's Escape (5-Adult) Click to Register with Parktakes Online
Bundle up and come out to Riverbend for Presidents Day. Ride the w agon and learn about President James Madisons daring escape across th e Potomac during the War of 1812. Canceled if inclement weather.
Start Time/Day:  10am Mon
Start Date: 2/15/2016
Amphibians After Dark Click to Register with Parktakes Online
Assist park naturalists with a calling amphibian survey. Learn how to identify frogs and toads by their calls as we explore pools and ponds. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.
Start Time/Day:  5:30pm Fri
Start Date: 3/25/2016
Bring Back Bluebirds! Click to Register with Parktakes Online
Discover the world of bluebirds while making a difference. Build your own bluebird box and learn how to monitor for success. $10 paid to instructor at class for each box. Meet at the Nature Center.
Start Time/Day:  10am Sat
Start Date: 3/26/2016
Build Your own Bat House Click to Register with Parktakes Online
Bats help eat mosquitoes, and pollinate plants, but they are having a hard time. Help these important animals thrive by building a bat house to hang in your yard. Everyone must register $8/person. $15 fee per bathouse paid to instructor on the day of the program.
Start Time/Day:  9am Sat
Start Date: 4/2/2016