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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the System
  1. What can I do with the Parktakes Online system?

    You can search for programs and view program enrollment information in 'real time,' register for programs and receive email confirmation of your paid enrollment, add/update household and family member information that you need to register for classes and receive Parktakes in the mail; cancel registrations; and view recent enrollment history information. Searching for programs can be done at any time without special requirements. Registration requires a Member Number and email address. The other functions require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in addition to a Member Number.

  2. Is your system secure?

    When you use your credit card to register online, rest assured that the transaction is secure. Our servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an advanced encryption technology that works with most all popular web browsers. This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy.

  3. What browser do I need to use the system?

    Any of the popular browsers in use today should enable you to use Parktakes Online. The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera will provide full functionality. Many older versions will work properly as well.

  4. What is your privacy policy?

    Fairfax County is dedicated to preserving your privacy and security while viewing our Web site at We strive to retrieve the minimum amount of information from our visitors necessary in order to provide a host of various services and resources. A Web Privacy Policy page outlines practices and procedures affecting visitors of our site in accordance with the Virginia Department of Technology Planning's Internet Privacy Guidelines (COV ITRM Guideline SEC2001-02.1).

Member Numbers, Barcodes and PINs
  1. What are Member Numbers, Barcodes and PINs and how can I get them?


    If you have previously taken a program with the Park Authority or receive Parktakes magazine in the mail, you already have a member number.

    Your member number is printed above your name on the mailing label of the magazine.

    You may also Look Up your member number by entering your e-mail address:

    • A Member Number (required for registration) is the 4 to 6 digit number which identifies your household. The Member Number is in the upper left hand corner of the mailing label on your home copy of Parktakes magazine. Customers without a Member Number may request one by completing the Member Sign Up form or by calling 703-222-4664.
    • Barcodes (not required) may be used instead of your Member Number. Barcodes are the keychain tag(s) or wallet card(s) you may already have received at your local RECenter in order to check in to the facility.
    • Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are not required to register for programs, but are required to perform tasks such as editing your household information, cancelling registrations, or reviewing your recent enrollment history. A PIN number may be obtained by completing the P.I.N. Request form. Beat the rush – request a PIN today! Your new PIN is sent to you via email, so you'll have it in minutes. Please note: Do not call for PIN numbers – our staff cannot view them or issue them.

  2. I'm having trouble getting a PIN even though I filled out the form. How do I get my PIN?

    First, you must have a member number which is required to complete an on-line registration. Customers without a Member Number may request one by completing the Member Sign Up form or by calling 703-222-4664.

    Assuming you have an existing member number, when you filled out the PIN request form the information you provided may not have matched the information on your member record. Therefore, Parktakes Online couldn't verify it was you and didn't email you a PIN. Call 703-222-4664 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and staff will verify your member information so that you can successfully complete a PIN request online.

  3. I forgot my Member Number, Barcode and/or PIN. What should I do now?

    For forgotten Member Numbers (did you check your Parktakes magazine label? Your Member Number is the 4-to-6 digit number in the upper left corner of the mailing label), call 703-222-4664 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and staff will assist you.

    For forgotten PIN numbers, you have to request a new one by completing the P.I.N. Request form.

    If your barcode (not required for registration) is lost, it can be replaced in person at any of the nine RECenters.

  4. Can I change my PIN number?

    Yes. Once you have been issued a PIN you can also change it in the My Account function.

  5. I am not a Fairfax County resident, do I qualify to use the system?

    Yes. Please note that there is an additional $15 non-resident fee per class for most programs. The non-resident fee is automatically calculated during the registration process.

My Account
  1. I would like to add a family member to my member record. How do I do this?

    If you have a PIN number you can add to your record via My Account. If you do not have a PIN number, request one by completing the P.I.N. Request form. Please note that only immediate family members living in your household may be added to your record. After adding the member, log out of the system, close your web browser, and open a new session.

  2. I would like to change my mailing address. How can I do this?

    If you have a PIN number you can change your mailing address via My Account. If you do not have a PIN number, request one by completing the P.I.N. Request form.

  3. What e-mail address should my family provide for Parktakes Online?

    We recommend you use a currently active e-mail address that you view regularly.

  4. What's the difference between an account and a member record? How do I establish one?

    An account or member record are the same thing. Your account is established when you are issued a Member Number. If you receive Parktakes magazine in the mail, you already have a Member Number. The number is in the upper left corner of your Parktakes mailing label. If you need to establish a Member Number, complete the Member Sign Up form or call 703-222-4664.

  5. Can I see if I have any credits on my account?

    Your account balance will automatically appear in the payment screen during the registration checkout process and will automatically be applied against the amount due.

  6. What is the Park Authority’s tax I.D. number?

    The tax ID number is 54-0787833. This number may be required for tax purposes and/or employer flexible spending reimbursements. Please check with your employer or tax advisor for qualifying programs.

  1. When does class registration begin?

    Registration Schedule

    Winter 2018     Registration begins Nov. 21, 2017     Classes begin Jan 2, 2018
    Spring 2018     Registration begins Feb 6, 2018     Classes begin March 3, 2018
    Summer 2018     Registration begins May 11, 2018     Classes begin Jun 16, 2018
    Fall 2018     Registration begins Aug 7, 2018     Classes begin Sep8, 2018

  2. How do I register for a course using Parktakes Online?

    The basic steps to follow are:

    • Search for a program you want. Select it by clicking on the course title.
    • The details of the program, including "real time" enrollment, class length and fee will display.
    • If you have not already created a " shopping cart" you will be prompted to Log In to Register.
    • Enter your Member Number or bar code number where prompted. Confirm that YOUR record is displayed or try again as shown on the screen. If the record is yours, click on Continue with Registration.
    • Use the Select a Participant dropdown box to indicate WHO in your household is being registered or waitlisted. All family members on record will appear in the dropdown box.
    • The button to the right of the registrant's name will say REGISTER if the class is available or ADD TO WAITLIST if the program is full.
    • If you do want to register or be placed on the waitlist simply click the REGISTER or ADD TO WAITLIST button.
    • Your "shopping cart" will display with all selections you have made to this point. You can continue choosing additional programs by clicking on the Search & Register link.
    • If you have no more selections to make, click the Check Out button from the "cart".
    • On the Check Out screen, verify your selections, provide the required credit card payment information and the e-mail address where you want to receive confirmation.
    • Click the Finalize Registration button to submit your registration and payment request.

  3. Besides using Parktakes Online, how else can I register for programs?

    Even if you don't use the internet to register, you can still browse the catalog and use the results to register by other means – by live operator: 703-222-4664, 9am-4pm Mon-Fri (exception: operators are available 5am-8pm the first day of registration); by faxing a registration form to 703-631-2004 or mailing a registration form to FCPA/Parktakes, PO Box 4606, Fairfax, VA 22038-4606. Mail/fax registrations are processed between 9am-4pm Mon-Fri.

  4. What information do I need to register for a course?

    To use Parktakes Online you need a Member Number, a valid Visa or MasterCard, and an email address for confirmation purposes. Also, the name and date of birth for each person you wish to register must be on your member record. With a PIN number, you can add family members residing in your household to your record. Please see Member Numbers, Bar Codes and PINs above for more information on how to obtain a Member Number or PIN.

  5. I don't have the camp forms I need. Are they available online?

    Yes. Follow the link to the Camp Forms index page, where you can choose from a list of forms to download for printing.

  6. Are there any special requirements for Camp registrations?

    Yes. Follow the link to the Camp Registration information page.

  7. How can I verify/see what courses my family members are currently registered in?

    With a PIN number, you can access this information via the My Account function.

  8. Can I transfer out of one class and into another?

    Not directly. Cancellations and registrations require separate transactions in Parktakes Online, so you would have to cancel from a program in one transaction and register in your desired program in a separate transaction. Some cancellations will incur a processing fee. The cancellation fee may be waived for transferring directly into another Park Authority class if the class the customer is leaving has been held no more than one time and the class being registered into has not yet started. Transfers will not be granted for programs when a class has been held more than one time. To transfer from a class and avoid applicable processing fees, call 703-222-4664 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Transfers can only be made from class to class, transfers from class to camp and from one person to another or are not permitted. For the CAMP specific transfer policy, see the Camp FAQs.

    Warning: Classes fill on a real time basis, so you should make sure there are plenty of spaces available in the new class before you cancel from the old class. If you need assistance, please call 703-222-4664.

  9. If I do not know the course code, how do I search?

    You do not need to know the course code to search for classes. Our class catalog can be searched by class title, subject or category, participant age, location and/or keyword.

  10. Are there programs that are not available in Parktakes Online?

    Every class with a 10-digit code is available via Parktakes Online. There are several one-day workshop and event programs that are published in the Parktakes magazine but are not available via Parktakes Online.

  11. How do I register someone from another family?

    You cannot. Each Parktakes Online session is tied to the one Member Number you logged in with (if you attempted to register for a class). Every household requires its own Member Number and account. Only immediate family members living in the same household should be on your record.

  12. How will I know if a spot becomes available after I have waitlisted?

    You will be contacted by our staff if an opening becomes available.

  13. Why is some class information in Parktakes Online different than the magazine?

    Parktakes Online contains up-to-the-minute program and schedule information, whereas information in the magazine was submitted a few months ago for publication. If you notice a difference between the two, the Parktakes Online information is the accurate information.

  14. How do you confirm my registration?

    If you register via Parktakes Online, a confirmation of your enrollment and payment will be received via e-mail, at the e-mail address you provided. Confirmation cards will NOT be mailed to your home.

  15. Are there discounts for senior citizens? What is the discount?

    Fairfax County and Fairfax City residents who are age 65 or older get a 35 percent discount. This applies to all programs available for registration via Parktakes Online except trips and tours, Pilates lessons, GRAVITY Group lessons, INOVA programs and any class priced $45 or less.

  16. Are there fee waivers for classes available?

    Yes. Scholarships are available to Fairfax County residents who meet the gross family income requirements and receive certain forms of public assistance. Click here for details.

  17. What is the Early Registration Discount, and how is it applied?

    The Early Registration Discount is an $8 discount deducted from the class fee for each applicable class purchased within the first 10 days of a class registration term/period. Although summer camps are listed in and can be purchased in the spring term, summer camp discounts end 10 days after the summer class registration period. Early registration discounts do not apply to programs without 10-digit codes, ‚ÄúRe-advertised Tours‚ÄĚ, or classes priced $45 or less. .

Gift Cards
  1. Can I pay for my registration with a Gift Card?

    Yes. You may use your gift card(s) to pay for registrations online. The online payment section has been modified to include Gift Card payments.

  2. How does the Gift Card payment work?

    On the payment page, the Balance Due amount will reflect the total price of all your purchases, minus any credit you had on account. To pay the balance partially or fully with a Gift Card, enter your Gift Card account number in the Gift Card Number field and click the Submit Gift button. The 12 digit number is printed on the back of the Gift Card, underneath the bar code. You do NOT enter an amount. The system will deduct as much of the Balance Due from your Gift Card balance as possible and adjust the Balance Due on the web page accordingly.

  3. Can I find out the balance on my Gift Card online?

    You cannot find out the balance of your Gift Card(s) from the web prior to using them as payment. However, once you enter a Gift Card number for payment and press the Submit button, the Beginning Balance of the Gift Card prior to the payment request, the amount used for this payment, and the Ending Balance of the Gift Card after this payment are all displayed on the screen. The confirmation e-mail will contain the beginning and ending balances as well as the amount used.

    You may also obtain your current Gift Card balance by calling 703-222-4664, Monday thru Friday from 9am – 4pm.

  4. What happens if the Gift Card balance does not pay for the entire transaction?

    If you still have a Balance Due after making a Gift Card payment, you may pay the remaining balance with another Gift Card or by using a credit card.

  5. Can I purchase a gift card on the web?

    No. At this point in time, Gift Cards can only be purchased from select Park Authority locations. For more details, visit our gift card web page.

  1. How do I cancel a registration?

    To cancel a class, go to My Account. Enter your member number (or barcode number) and your FCPA PIN to LOGIN. On the next page, click on the Cancel Enrollments link. Follow the instructions to cancel the desired classes. Only classes paid for by credit card can be cancelled via the web. To cancel all other classes, or to transfer to another class without incurring any applicable cancellation fee, please call 703-222-4664 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Trips/Tours cannot be cancelled via the web. Classes which have already begun cannot be cancelled.

  2. Will I be charged a cancellation processing fee if I transfer to another class?

    There is no transfer feature available on the web. To transfer to another program without incurring any applicable cancellation fee, please call 703-222-4664 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. You may cancel allowed classes via the web and then re-register for a new class. However, any applicable processing fee will be deducted from your cancellation refund. For the CAMP specific transfer policy, see the Camp FAQs.

  3. What is your refund policy?
    • FCPA will issue a full refund when a class or program is cancelled by FCPA.
    • FCPA will issue a full refund when a class or program is changed by FCPA, and the change makes it impossible for the customer to continue with the class.

    When a customer cancels a registration, the following fees apply per registration:


    • Request received 14 or more days prior to the start date - full refund.
    • Request received 13 or fewer days prior to the start date - $15 processing fee applied
    • Request received on or after start date - $15 processing fee applied, and refund amount is prorated based on the number of classes that have passed as of the date the request is received.
    • Requests for refunds must be submitted prior to the end of the session.
    • Refunds or class credits are not issued for missed individual meetings of a class due to personal schedule conflicts or illness.


    • Request received 14 or more days prior to the start date - full refund, less a $25 processing fee per session.
    • Request received 13 or fewer days prior to the start date - no refund.

    Day Trips & Tours

    • Request received 14 or more days prior to the trip date - full refund.
    • Request received 13 or fewer days prior to the trip date - no refund.
  4. When will the refund take place?

    Refunds for cancelled programs usually occur prior to the start of the program. Refunds for missed classes will not be processed until the end of the class term, when all possible make-up dates have been exhausted.

  5. Will the refund be returned directly to my credit card?

    No. Refunds will be credited to the customer's FCPA member account. This account credit can be applied towards your next class or pass purchase. To have your credit balance refunded to your credit card or in the form of a refund check, please call 703-222-4664 between 9am and 4pm Monday - Friday.

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