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TITLE: SGL Pee Wee Paddler I (3-5 yrs)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Child must leave parent willingly, be comfortable in the water, follow directions and function well in a group. This small-group class is designed to help child gain basic aquatic skills including entering and exiting the water safely, blowing bubbles three seconds with mouth and nose submerged, submerging under water. With assistance: floating and gliding on front and back, rolling from front to back and back to front, swimming using arms and legs on front and back at least two body lengths. For safety reasons, flotation devices may be used. Flotation devices are used for all Pee Wee I classes at Audrey Moore and Lee District RECenters.
TITLE: SGL Pee Wee Paddler I (3-5 yrs)
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