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TITLE: Weight Training for Teens (12-15 yrs)
DESCRIPTION: Learn proper equipment use, techniques and safety along with stretching, strength and endurance exercises. Students who complete a final test are issued a weight room pass (to be used with admission) that entitles them to use the weight room without adult supervision.

TITLE: Weight Training for Women I (16-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Learn basic weight circuit safety, techniques and orientation.

TITLE: Weight Training for Women II (16-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Learn weight circuit safety, additional lifting techniques and a complete orientation of the weight equipment.

TITLE: Weight Training-Senior II (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Gain more confidence using free weights, benches and cables as you build upon the skills learned and practiced in the previous introductory weight-training class. New skills include compound exercises that are slightly more challenging and complex, but the class progresses by adding appropriate variety and intensity with modifications to safely maintain lean muscle mass, bone density, and flexible strength.

TITLE: Yoga - Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Designed for those desiring a slow-paced introduction to yoga.

TITLE: Yoga for Aging Well (50 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: This yoga class is mindful of the maturing body while providing a challenging practice for the experienced participant. A special focus on balance, joint health, restoration and concentration is emphasized for enhancing practice and aging well.

TITLE: Yoga for Better Balance and Bones 13+
DESCRIPTION: Protect and strengthen your hips, wrists and spine while improving balance and flexibility in this yoga practice. Unique bone-building exercises help with overall strength and mobility.

TITLE: Yoga for Gardeners I (Adults)
DESCRIPTION: This class features a gentle introduction to the Vinyasa method which helps participants increase the strength, flexibility and endurance necessary for gardening. Class held indoors.

TITLE: Yoga for Golfers (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Classes focus on limbering and lengthening muscles used in golf. Balance exercises improve stability, range of motion, swing rotation, and posture awareness. Your stamina improves and risk of injury decreases.

TITLE: Yoga for Stress Management (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: The stress of everyday life can create tension and stiffness in the body and can also affect mood and energy level. This class combines yoga postures and stretching with breathing and relaxing meditations restoring positive energy and renewing an overall sense of wellness.

TITLE: Yoga for Teens (13-18 yrs)
DESCRIPTION: Use ancient yoga to tone and stretch, increase awareness and concentration and improve methods of physical and mental relaxation. In this course, emphasis is placed on building self-esteem in a non-competitive environment. Yoga helps the teenager feel more comfortable with his or her own body. It is a fun way to increase your an overall feeling of well-being. Bring a towel to lie on.

TITLE: Yoga Groove (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Chill out vinyasa style in this upbeat class that fuses classic yoga poses and flows with popular music. Movement, music and breath are used to open the body's energy centers so energy can flow freely through the body. No previous yoga or dance experience needed.

TITLE: Zumba (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Dance themes combined with dynamic music turn fitness into a party! Maximize caloric output and tone your body using easy-to-follow dance steps. All levels welcome.

TITLE: Zumba Gold (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: A low-intensity, high-energy dance fitness class for older adults who are true beginners. Features the same great Latin styles of music and dance as Zumba but at a slower pace. This is a safe, easy way to do a great total body workout. Dance your way to fitness and fun.

TITLE: Zumba Kids (7-11 yrs)
DESCRIPTION: Classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography by breaking down the steps and adding games, activities and cultural exploration elements. Class incorporates fitness by getting kids active and making fitness fun.

TITLE: Zumba-Toning (16-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Zumba Toning is the perfect way for enthusiasts to sculpt their bodies naturally while having a total blast. Join the party.

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