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TITLE: Fitness for Women (16-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This specialized program delivers a female-friendly fitness makeover. Our trainers use the latest research tips on nutrition, strength, flexibility and overall conditioning to help women achieve their goals.

TITLE: Free Weight Training (16-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Learn proper techniques, safety and stretches to give you a great workout using free weights. This class focuses the upper body.

TITLE: Gentle Pilates (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Loosen the joints and spine, and create new movement opportunities gently in a class designed to support special needs and abilities of the practitioner. Use basic Pilates principles, working from the inside out and integrating mind, breath and body, to leave this class renewed and reinvigorated.

TITLE: Gentle Yoga (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Gentle stretches, yoga postures and breathing techniques increase flexibility and strength for those desiring a slower pace. This gentle practice may be suitable for individuals returning from illness or injury or those with physical challenges.

TITLE: Golf Fit (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: For the golfer who wants a better, all-around game through a golf-specific fitness program. Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, posture, stabilization and endurance training.

TITLE: Hatha Yoga I (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Learn basic yoga postures as you gain more strength and flexibility while using different breathing techniques. This class is designed to help improve your posture and bring you relaxation. Please bring a mat and towel to class.

TITLE: Hatha Yoga II (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Hatha Yoga I or equivalent. Please bring a mat and towel to class.

TITLE: Hatha Yoga in the Park (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Improve your strength and increase your flexibility through the practice of Hatha yoga in a peaceful park setting. All abilities welcome.

TITLE: Indo Row (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Indo Row is an indoor rower that uses water as resistance to stimulate the authentic feel and sound of being on the water. Indo Row's unique format uses all the elements of real rowing to create a transforming total-body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons.

TITLE: Kettlebell Training (16-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Kettlebell training is an excellent way to burn fat while building strength and power with just the right amount of controlled, explosive movement. Learn how to safely execute kettlebell technique and how to make appropriate modifications that work every major muscle group. The workout is comprehensive, fun and much different from your regular weight training routine.

TITLE: Low Impact Aerobics (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This low-impact class offers an exciting, moderate intensity aerobic workout with less joint stress than traditional aerobics. Bring a mat and a towel to class.

TITLE: Mat Fusion (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Looking for a safe and effective way to improve flexibility, endurance and muscle tone? Mat fusion encompasses the Eastern philosophy of yoga, the holistic approach of Pilates and the application of floor-based exercise techniques.

TITLE: Meditation (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Focus and calm your mind with breathing exercises that release tension. Centered mindfulness relaxes the physical body for overall wellbeing, concentration and positive energy.

TITLE: Parkinson's Chair Exercise (Adults)
DESCRIPTION: This gentle chair class incorporates exercises and stretches using the PWR!Move curriculum for those with Parkinson's Disease or other movement disorders. A certified instructor leads exercises in a fun setting and helps participants maintain and gain better movement, posture and balance. All exercise are done seated in a chair.

TITLE: Pilates (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Practice classical exercise sequences based on Pilates method. Focus on core control, alignment and breathing to properly execute exercises that strengthen and lengthen the body.

TITLE: Pilates Allegro Reformer & Tower 13+
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Pilates Allegro Reformer I or Pilates Mat. This full-body workout uses Allegro Reformers and Towers, mat work and props. These small-group lessons enhance core strength, flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, and balance. Improve body awareness as you learn the essentials of working on the Towers. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons.

TITLE: Pilates Allegro Reformer Lessons 13+
DESCRIPTION: Pilates lessons on a special apparatus that provides various levels of resistance within the full range of motion. Private lessons stretch and strengthen your entire body and help you develop body muscle balance, flexibility, agility and bone density. Intro to Pilates Mat recommended. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons.

TITLE: Pilates Allegro Reformer Lessons II 13+
DESCRIPTION: Pilates lessons on a special apparatus that provides a new level of workout with more complex exercise variations and longer sets. The movements develop coordination, strength and flexibility while the concentration required improves the mind and body connection. Prerequisite: Pilates Allegro Reformer I. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons.

TITLE: Pilates and Power Yoga (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: A perfect blend of two related mind-body exercises. Dynamic yoga poses are blended with Pilates body conditioning to focus on core training and improving flexibility and strength.

TITLE: Pilates II (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This intermediate mat class builds on skills learned in Pilates I.

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