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TITLE: Aerobics I - Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: For the senior who is just returning to exercise, or has been recently released from a hospital exercise program. Beginning muscular strengthening exercises with hand weights, easy aerobics and stretching are taught to get you moving safely.

TITLE: Aerobics II - Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: This class is perfect for the active senior who is beyond beginner but not quite advanced. Muscle strengthening with hand weights, low impact, moderate intensity aerobics and stretching at intermediate levels are taught.

TITLE: Balance and Beyond (55 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Balance is key to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. This class, taught by certified balance and mobility specialists, helps you enhance mobility, strength and flexibility. Advanced techniques from the FallProof fall prevention program are incorporated to challenge and improve overall wellness.

TITLE: Chair Fitness - Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Exercises designed to improve and maintain upper and lower body strength, range of motion and flexibility. All exercises may be done seated. Variations are offered for those who wish to stand. Relaxation techniques and light cardio conditioning are included.

TITLE: Fitness for Seniors (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Class is designed to help active adults increase their fitness level. Students build greater strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance by using lightweight dumbbells, resistance bands and low-impact to moderate-intensity aerobics. Bring a water bottle to class.

TITLE: Senior Volleyball (50 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: For active seniors who want to add a little cardio variety to their exercise program. Volleyball is played with a beach ball in a racquetball court and the rules are relaxed from the usual game. Come join the fun and lots of laughter during a friendly game of senior volleyball. The class begins with a brief warm-up and ends with a brief cool-down.

TITLE: Total Body Conditioning-Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: For active seniors who want to add variety to their exercise program. Get the results of a personal training session in a group setting. Improve agility, balance and coordination, while increasing muscular endurance and strength.

TITLE: Weight Training - Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Learn safe, effective and proper techniques for using weight-training equipment to increase strength and improve health and fitness.

TITLE: Weight Training-Senior II (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Gain more confidence using free weights, benches and cables as you build upon the skills learned and practiced in the previous introductory weight-training class. New skills include compound exercises that are slightly more challenging and complex, but the class progresses by adding appropriate variety and intensity with modifications to safely maintain lean muscle mass, bone density, and flexible strength.

TITLE: Yoga - Senior (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: Designed for those desiring a slow-paced introduction to yoga.

TITLE: Zumba Gold (60 yrs+)
DESCRIPTION: A low-intensity, high-energy dance fitness class for older adults who are true beginners. Features the same great Latin styles of music and dance as Zumba but at a slower pace. This is a safe, easy way to do a great total body workout. Dance your way to fitness and fun.

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