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TITLE: ABCs of Deep Water Training (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Deep water Aquatic Boot Camp (ABC) is a fast-paced, deep-water workout that targets cardio and core. Build strength, agility and balance while maximizing deep-water resistance by using aqua equipment. This high-intensity class uses a variety of equipment to target all muscle groups and combines short bursts using different movements as well as longer durations to progress endurance. Prerequisite: can swim 25 yards continuously and confidently without stopping as well as tread water for one minute without flotation assistance.

TITLE: Advanced Deep Water Exercise (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Students must be able to swim 25 yards continuously. An excellent full-body workout that is more intense than the Deep-Water Exercise class. This class is for the experienced deep water exerciser looking for a more challenging workout.

TITLE: Advanced Water Aerobics (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This high-energy, cardio-intensive class uses water resistance to give you maximum fitness benefits. This program is for the experienced water aerobics student who wants a more intense workout and for anyone who wants to cross-train or enhance overall fitness.

TITLE: Aerobic Water Exercise (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This shallow-water class provides cardiovascular workout and increases muscle tone, strength and endurance.

TITLE: Aqua Fit and Tone (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This low-impact and low-intensity workout is taught in shallow water. You increase muscular endurance while you tone muscles and improve flexibility.

TITLE: Aqua Get Fit (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This class focuses on building strength, balance, and endurance using the water's buoyancy and support. Designed for those new to water exercise or those looking for a new fitness opportunity, this fun-filled class focuses on using aqua fitness to progress individual health goals.

TITLE: Aqua Zumba (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Zumba in the water incorporates dance themes combined with dynamic music to make your exercise experience feel more like a party. Join the fun and let the party begin!

TITLE: Arthritis Deep Water Exercise (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Students must be able to swim at least 25 yards continuously. Deep water exercise can increase muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Exercises also provides a challenge for alignment and posture, balance and coordinated movement. All students wear a flotation device.

TITLE: Arthritis Water Exercise (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Shallow-water exercises using water's buoyancy and resistance helps improve your overall range of motion, joint mobility and muscle strength. While this class is designed for students with arthritis, it is open to those who have other physical limitations.

TITLE: Deep Water Exercise (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Students must be able to swim 25 yards continuously. Take the plunge for a no-impact workout. You use a variety of deep water exercises and running techniques to get the maximum benefit from water's natural resistance.

TITLE: Deep Water Hydro Pilates (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Students must be able to swim 25 yards continuously. Take the plunge for a workout that is no impact. Use Pilates moves in the deep water to help you increase your range of motion, challenge and strengthen core stability and control and build abdominal and back strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

TITLE: Hydro Pilates (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Experience the water's natural support and resistance while you increase your body's range of motion and challenge and strengthen core stability and control. Build abdominal and back strength, flexibility and muscle tone while maintaining core stabilization, posture alignment and balance.

TITLE: Paddleboard Yoga (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Paddleboard Yoga brings a new dimensions to yoga practice combining traditional yoga poses on an unstable surface in the water for added challenge to improve balance, increase focus and core engagement. New and seasoned yoga participants increase their fun and fitness with this workout.

TITLE: Polynesian Style Advanced Water Aerobics
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a fun Polynesian-style cardio workout with full body conditioning class targeting legs, abs, glutes, and arms. Learn basic Tahitian and hula moves combined with fitness steps to offer an innovative water aerobic workout.

TITLE: Shallow/Deep Water Ex Combo(13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Are you interested in a little variety? Try the ultimate in aquatic aerobic exercise! You use resistance equipment and flotation devices throughout the class.

TITLE: Tabata Shallow Water Exercise (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Experience a shallow water interval workout that targets the body's core by using high intensity intervals for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. This format focuses on a variety of simple, yet intense exercises which help participants blast away the calories and get results. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, or both, this class is for you.

TITLE: Water Walking (13-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This class is designed to improve muscle tone and aerobic fitness. Ideal for those who want the effects of walking without adding stress to muscles and joints. Instructors guide participants in different types of walking in water to benefit all parts of the body.

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