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TITLE: Dog Obedience Combo Class (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: For owners and pets who have already had at least one dog obedience class session and wish to progress or brush up on levels II, III, and IV.

TITLE: Dog Obedience I (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Includes home management, discipline and problem solving. Methods employed are affection and restraint. Dogs must be at least 6 months old.

TITLE: Dog Obedience I Family (9-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Class is designed for family units of two or three who want to train the dog together. Handlers learn how to train their dogs to sit, lie down, come and stay and walk on a leash. Class also includes home management and problem solving. No more than three family members and one dog per registration. One adult per family must be present at each class, and all family members must be age 9 or older.

TITLE: Dog Obedience II (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prepares owner for off-lead work with the basic commands. For dogs at least 8 months old who have successfully completed at least one basic course for both dog and owner. Dogs should not display aggression or fear. Prerequisite: Dog Obedience I or equivalent.

TITLE: K9 Nose Work (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: K9 Nose Work is a great way to bond with your dogs, stimulate their curious minds, hone their obedience skills and build their confidence and focus. This class encourages dogs to use their sense of smell and natural instincts to search and problem solve. It also gives them an outlet to use their love of hunting. As a low-impact class, it is perfect for dogs of any age, size and personality.

TITLE: Puppy Kindergarten (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Puppies 10 to 23 weeks old learn socialization and discipline fundamentals. Puppy owners learn how to address problems such as housebreaking, chewing and jumping. Puppies should wear a buckle collar and be up-to-date with shots.

TITLE: Rally Obedience (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Dog Obedience II or equivalent. Rally obedience exercises and corresponding signs from the beginner through expert level are taught. The handler-dog team practices a new course each week.

TITLE: Ring Readiness (14-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This class prepares you to show your dog at AKC and/or UKC competition dog or rally events. Jumping and retrieving are taught as well as exercises designed to help with competition or rally events. Dogs must have completed the equivalent of Dog Obedience II.

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