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TITLE: Astronomy for Family Fun: Solar Eclipse
DESCRIPTION: (6-Adult) Enjoy the eclipse by looking at the sun through a solar telescope! Even though the solar eclipse in August will be only 80% in the Metro area, we still are in for an amazing natural event. Learn how to safely participate in this rare treat. Find out why this is an unusual sight and how other cultures past and present respond to eclipses. Children registered in the class must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program. Due to the equipment used in the program, this class is not suitable for children under age 6.

TITLE: Astronomy for Family Fun: Stars
DESCRIPTION: (4-Adult) Why are constellations different around the world? Learn about the natural and cultural science of stars including fun facts about our own star and the most easily viewed constellations. Learn how you can further explore constellations as a family. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

TITLE: Astronomy Merit Badge
DESCRIPTION: This program satisfies most of the requirements to earn the Astronomy Merit Badge. Homework and what to bring can be found online.

TITLE: Boardwalk Astronomy
DESCRIPTION: (12-Adult) What's new in the night sky? Join park naturalists as they take you on a tour of constellations, comets and other current events happening in the heavens above. Canceled in case of rain or other severe weather.

TITLE: Goodnight Walk: Night Sky
DESCRIPTION: (3-Adult) Take a stroll in the woods and to a field to learn about night-sky wonders. Learn how to continue your own moon and star exploration at home. Enjoy a story and craft. Bring one flashlight per family and dress for an outdoor walk. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

TITLE: Intro to Telescopes (10-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Class covers astronomy basics as well as how to set up and use your telescope. Course content depends on telescope type and includes observing selected objects in the sky using the roll-top observatory if weather permits. You can bring your own telescope to class.

TITLE: Meteor Astronomy (10-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: This class covers basic meteor astronomy including what meteors are, their origins, best time to view, fireball reporting, visual and video observing techniques, movie clips from past meteor storms, how one estimates trajectory and orbits and other instrumental techniques used by amateur meteor observers. An optional outdoor visual observing session will be held after class weather permitting. Bring a lawn chair and warm cover/sleeping bag.

TITLE: Moonless Night
DESCRIPTION: (3-Adult) Take advantage of a moon-less night. Come observe the mysteries of the night sky and learn about planets, constellations, and faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

TITLE: Solar Eclipse Boat Tour
DESCRIPTION: (3-Adult) Come out to the lakefronts to get one of the best views of the solar eclipse on our tour boat. For the first time in over a century a partial solar eclipse will be visible over the entire U.S. This program will provide you with a rare opportunity to learn about and safely experience the eclipse. Solar eclipse glasses will be provided to participants.

TITLE: Summer Astronomy Campfire
DESCRIPTION: (4-Adult) Enjoy a campfire and learn what ancient cultures saw in the stars. Look through a telescope at the moon and learn to identify the visible constellations. Make s'mores. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program. Canceled in case of rain. Minimum age to attend program is 4 yrs.

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