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TITLE: Astronomy Boat tour with Campfire 3+
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a night out on our tour boat and learn about the constellations, their stories and other night-sky features. Our astronomical naturalist identifies the stars for you and will have a telescope to try out. The program concludes with a campfire. S'mores ingredients provided; hot dogs welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

TITLE: Astronomy Explorers (4-7 yrs)
DESCRIPTION: Learn about the sun, the moon, the planets and beyond in this very first fun class about astronomy. Fun activities each day with a related craft.

TITLE: Astronomy Merit Badge
DESCRIPTION: This program satisfies most of the requirements to earn the Astronomy Merit Badge. Homework and what to bring can be found online.

TITLE: Boardwalk Astronomy
DESCRIPTION: (12-Adult) What's new in the night sky? Join park naturalists as they take you on a tour of constellations, comets and other current events happening in the heavens above. Canceled in case of rain or other severe weather.

TITLE: Homeschool at the Pond-Astronomy
DESCRIPTION: This program is based on the popular Pohick Rangers series geered to meet some of the homeschool science requirements. Topics vary. Meets weekly.

TITLE: Intro to Sundials II (10-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Tour the Jamestown Sundial located at Observatory Park of Turner Farm and learn about it and its history. Use software to explore the mathematics of vertical declining dials and design your own sundial.

TITLE: Intro to Telescopes (10-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Class covers astronomy basics as well as how to set up and use your telescope. Course content depends on telescope type and includes observing selected objects in the sky using the roll-top observatory if weather permits. You can bring your own telescope to class.

TITLE: Spring Meteor Astronomy (10-Adult)
DESCRIPTION: Couse covers basic meteor astronomy including meteor phenomena and when they can be seen, fireball reporting and simple visual observing techniques. Learn about automated observations using affordable video cameras. Course also covers advanced techniques using radar, radio, infrasound and spectroscopy. Optional outdoor visual observing sessions after class weather permitting; bring a lawn chair and warm cover/sleeping bag. Class meets Apr. 19, May 17 and June 14.

TITLE: Starlight Compass Night Hike
DESCRIPTION: (5-Adult) Before GPS, travelers used the stars to guide their way. Find out what celestial navigation is, learn some of its history and try it out in an exploratory activity around the farm. Finish with a short hike to look at the stars. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program. Please dress for the weather.

TITLE: Summer Astronomy Campfire
DESCRIPTION: (4-Adult) Enjoy a campfire and learn what ancient cultures saw in the stars. Look through a telescope at the moon and learn to identify the visible constellations. Make s'mores. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program. Canceled in case of rain. Minimum age to attend program is 4 yrs.

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