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Using the SystemReturn to Index
  1. What can I do with the Passes Online system?
  2. You can purchase fitness passes for RECenter, golf rounds, racquetball court use, ice skating or skate park sessions. You can also modify your member account information as well as view all active passes. Pass purchases require a Member Number and email address. A PIN (personal identification number) is required to modify your member account information and to view your active passes.

  3. Is your system secure?
  4. When you use your credit card to purchase Passes Online, rest assured that the transaction is secure. Our servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an advanced encryption technology that works with most all popular web browsers. This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy.

  5. What browser do I need to use the system?
  6. Any of the popular browsers in use today should enable you to use Passes Online. The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera will provide full functionality. Many older versions will work properly as well.

  7. What are ‘Cookies’ and do I need them?
  8. ‘Cookies’ is the term given to some of the web site specific information stored on your computer. Cookies are used by the Passes Online application to communicate Passes Online information between screens. This information is not harmful to your computer. Nor is the data sold or used in any way outside the County website application. In order for the Passes Online application to process your requests, it requires that your browser be set to accept cookies. Click here for more information on cookies.

  9. What is your privacy policy?
  10. Fairfax County is dedicated to preserving your privacy and security while viewing our Web site at We strive to retrieve the minimum amount of information from our visitors necessary in order to provide a host of various services and resources. A Web Privacy Policy page outlines practices and procedures affecting visitors of our site, in accordance with the Virginia Department of Technology Planning's Internet Privacy Guidelines (COV ITRM Guideline SEC2001-02.1).

Member Numbers, Barcodes and PINsReturn to Index
  1. What are Member Numbers, Barcodes and PINs and how can I get them?
    • A Member Number (required for purchase) is the 4 to 6 digit number which identifies your household. The Member Number is in the upper left hand corner of the mailing label on your home copy of Parktakes magazine. Customers without a Member Number may request one by completing the Member Sign Up form or by calling 703-222-4664. If you request a member number via the web, please allow 2 business days to process the request.
    • Barcodes (not required for purchase) may be used instead of your Member Number. Barcodes are the keychain tag(s) or wallet card(s) you may already have received at your local site in order to check in to the facility. If you do not have a barcode, one will be issued to you when you first check in at the facility to use your pass. You will need to bring your bar code with you each time you check in.
    • Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are not required to purchase Passes Online, but are required to perform My Account tasks such as editing your household information and to review your current passes. A PIN number may be obtained by completing the P.I.N. Request form. Beat the rush – request a PIN today! Your new PIN is sent to you via email, so you'll have it in minutes. Please note: Do not call for PIN numbers – our staff cannot view them or issue them.
  2. I'm having trouble getting a PIN even though I filled out the form. How do I get my PIN?
  3. First, you must have a member number which is required to complete an on-line purchase. Customers without a Member Number may request one by completing the Member Sign Up form or by calling 703-222-4664. Assuming you have an existing member number when you filled out the PIN request form, the information you provided may not have matched the information on your member record. Therefore, the Passes Online system couldn't verify it was you and didn't email you a PIN. Call 703-222-4664 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and staff will verify your member information so that you can successfully complete a PIN request online.

  4. I forgot my Member Number, Barcode and/or PIN. What should I do now?
  5. For forgotten Member Numbers (did you check your Parktakes magazine label? Your Member Number is the 4-to-6 digit number in the upper left corner of the mailing label), call 703-222-4664 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and staff will assist you.

    For forgotten PIN numbers, you have to request a new one by completing the P.I.N. Request form.

    If your barcode (not required for Passes Online access) is lost, it can be replaced in person at any of the sites.

  6. Can I change my PIN number?
  7. Yes. Once you have been issued a PIN you can also change it via the My Account function.

  8. I am not a Fairfax County resident, can I purchase a pass online?
  9. In most cases, yes, though some passes may have a higher out-of-county price. If the out-of-county price displays N/A (or $0.00), the pass is not available to non-county residents. Your residency status is determined at the time your member record is established.

My AccountReturn to Index
  1. I would like to add a family member to my member record. How do I do this?
  2. You can add information to your member record via My Account. You must have a PIN number to access this function. If you do not have a PIN number, request one by completing the P.I.N. Request form. Please note that only immediate family members living in your household may be added to your record.

  3. How can I change my address or my family member information?
  4. You can update your member record account information via My Account. Click on the ‘update member’ link and change the desired information. Click the ‘Update’ button to complete the change.

  5. What e-mail address should my family provide in My Account?
  6. We recommend you use a currently active e-mail address that you view regularly. When you purchase a Pass Online, you will be prompted for an e-mail address to send a confirmation e-mail to. If the confirmation e-mail address does not match your e-mail address in your My Account record, your member record e-mail address will be automatically updated with the confirmation e-mail address.

  7. What's the difference between an account and a member record? How do I establish one?
  8. An account or member record are the same thing. Your account is established when you are issued a Member Number. If you receive Parktakes magazine in the mail, you already have a Member Number. The number is in the upper left corner of your Parktakes mailing label. If you need to establish a Member Number, complete the Member Sign Up form or call 703-222-4664.

  9. Can I find out what passes I or my family members currently have?
  10. You can list your current passes by clicking on My Account. Log in, if you are not already logged in. A PIN number is required for this function. Click on ‘View Current Passes’. This will display a current list of all active passes under your member account number.

Online Pass PurchaseReturn to Index
  1. When can I purchase a Pass Online?
  2. An Online Pass purchase can be made 7 days a week from 5am to 11pm.

  3. What information do I need to purchase a Pass Online?
  4. All you need to purchase a Pass Online is a valid member number and a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

  5. How do I purchase a Pass Online?
  6. The basic steps to follow are:

    • Click on the Passes Online link on the left side of the web page, or click on one of the pass links on the individual activity web page, where available.
    • Select the desired pass and select the appropriate pass information in the drop down lists.
    • If you are not logged in at this time, click the ‘Please Log In’ button.
    • To log in, enter your member number. If you do not have a member number, click on the Member Sign Up form.
    • After entering your member number, your account information will be displayed. If the member displayed is you, press the ‘Continue’ button. If the member information is not your information, click on ‘try again’. If after trying again, this information is still incorrect, call 703-222-4664 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and a staffer will assist you.
    • The pass information will be displayed and you will be prompted to select a member. If you requested a single person pass, you will be allowed to select only one member. If the pass allows multiple members, then you will be able to select multiple family members. Select the appropriate member(s) and click the ‘Purchase / Renew Pass’ button.
    • Your shopping cart will display all the pass selections you have made to this point without having paid for them. You can press the ‘Check Out’ button to purchase the pass(es) or the ‘Shop More’ button to obtain other passes. You can remove any pass from your shopping cart by clicking the trash can icon next to the desired pass.
    • On the Check Out screen, verify your selections, provide the required credit card payment information, and enter the e-mail address where you want to receive confirmation. If your confirmation e-mail address is not valid, you will not receive a confirmation e-mail. However, your pass purchase will still be credited to your account. You can verify your purchase via My Account and clicking on View Current Passes.
    • Click the Finalize Pass button to submit your purchase.
  7. Besides Passes Online, are there other ways to purchase a pass?
  8. Besides Passes Online, you can purchase a pass in person at any of the applicable facilities.

  9. How can I verify what passes I or my family members have?
  10. With a PIN number, you can access this information via the My Account function.

  11. Do passes expire?
  12. Yes. Expiration dates vary by pass type. The expiration date is clearly shown in the information about each pass.

  13. What happens if a 25 visit (or similar type) pass expires before all visits are used?
  14. If all visits are not used before the pass expires, all remaining visits on the pass are forfeited.

  15. How do I renew or extend my current pass?
  16. The first step is to simply choose the pass you want in Passes Online. The system will evaluate any current unexpired passes you may already have and will automatically apply the following logic:

    • If you are purchasing a RECenter Leisure Fitness Pass, any time remaining on your existing pass will be added to your new Leisure Fitness Pass purchase, thereby extending the expiration date for your new pass. For example, if you currently have a 12-month pass that expires in 2 months and you purchase a new 12 month pass, then your current pass will be canceled and a new pass which expires in 14 months will be issued. A Leisure Fitness Pass may be renewed/extended online only if you are renewing the same type of pass (i.e. single adult to single adult, family to family, senior 2-person to senior 2-person, etc). If you are trying to renew to a different pass type (for example: adult 2-person to a family psas), you will need to do this in person at your RECenter. Note: if you choose a pass of a different type, the system will let you proceed with the purchase if you choose. But, it will not extend your existing pass.
    • All passes with fixed number of visits or rounds are considered separate purchases which cannot be renewed or extended. For these types (such as Golf Multi-Round Pass, RECenter 25 Visit Discount Fast Pass, Racquetball Court Pass, Mt. Vernon ice skating or Wakefield skate park), there is no “renewal” or “extension” of your original purchase and the original expiration date remains in effect for those visits. When you purchase a new fixed visit pass, a new pass record with its own expiration date is generated in addition to your existing pass(es). For example: say you have 3 rounds left on a 10-round 18 hole prime time pass for Twin Lakes golf course, and that pass expires on July 1, 2010, and on May 1, 2010 you purchase another 10-round pass for Twin Lakes. Your record will show 2 passes: one ‘old’ pass with 3 rounds left, expiring July 1, 2010 and one ‘new’ pass with 10 rounds left, expiring on May 1, 2012 (all golf passes expire 2 years from date of purchase). When you check into a facility, the oldest pass displays first and visits are deducted from the oldest pass first until all remaining visits are used up (or until the expiration date is reached).
  17. Do you offer senior citizens and youth discounts?
    • Some Passes are offered at reduced prices for youth and senior citizens. If this discount is not offered, then the youth and senior citizen pass type category will normally not be displayed in the pass options. Senior citizen discounts apply to those who reach age 65 or older .
    • Leisure Fitness Pass youth discounts apply to children ages 5 through 18. Student discounts not only apply to youths age 5-18, but also include children ages 19-24 who hold a current/valid high school, college, or vocational school I.D. Please bring the student I.D. with you when the student initially checks in, as manual validation of the I.D. may be requested at the site.
    • Junior Golf Pass discounts apply to youths up through age 17.
  18. If a special pass type is on sale, can I purchase it online?
  19. All available pass types will be presented in the drop down lists for the respective pass categories, including special sales such as 4 month passes, etc.

  20. If a pass is on sale, what price will I be charged online?
  21. All passes on sale, whether thru the internet, in person, or over the phone, will be sold at the sale price.

  22. How do you confirm my Passes Online purchase?
  23. Once your credit card purchase has been approved, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address entered during the purchase phase. Once you receive your confirmation, you should be able to view your new pass via My Account.

  24. If I have a credit on my account, can I apply the credit to my current Passes Online purchase?
  25. If you have a credit on your account, the Passes Online system will automatically apply that credit to your current purchase. Your credit total will be displayed when you enter the Passes Online check-out phase. The credit total will be automatically subtracted from your current session's Total Fees amount giving you your Net Total amount due. This is the amount which will be charged to your credit card.

  26. Why are there so many age group options for Leisure Fitness Passes?
  27. We defined multiple age group categories to give your family the best price possible. The families in our community are made up of many varied combinations of adults and children who reside in a household for part and all of the year. Choose the age category which best fits your family configuration.

  28. When is Family the best age category for a Leisure Fitness Pass?
  29. A Family pass covers up to 2 adults and up to 6 children living in the same household. If you have at least 2 adults and 2 or more children who plan to use the pass, then the Family pass is your best option. If you have 2 adults and 1 child, the best option for you would be to purchase a 2 person Adult pass and 1 Dependent pass.

  30. What is a Dependent versus a Youth/Student pass?
  31. The Dependent age group is a special designation for Leisure Fitness Passes (LFP) only, and it covers the same age range as a Youth/Student pass covers. When you are purchasing a LFP for a child only and you are not purchasing it in conjunction with an adult pass, then the Student/Youth pass age category is your only option. However, if you are purchasing a Leisure Fitness Pass for an adult and a child and are not purchasing a Family pass, then the most cost effective pass category for the child is a Dependent pass. NOTE: The Dependent pass can only be purchased when you purchase (or have an active pass for) an Adult LFP of the same or greater time duration on the same member account.

  32. When should I purchase a Family Leisure Fitness Pass versus purchasing Adult and Dependent passes?
  33. All online pass selections will provide the user with the calculated pass price prior to purchase. Although the following guidelines will give you the best general criteria to follow, it is recommended that you verify your different options and compare the prices provided.

    If you have 2 Adults and 2 or more children, then the Family plan is the most economical plan. If you are purchasing for 2 Adults and 1 child, then the Dependent pass is your best pass option for your child. However, if you are purchasing passes for only 1 Adult, then choose between a Family pass and Adult/Dependent passes based on these criteria:

    • If the duration of the pass for the adult and children will be the same length of time:
      • Then, if you have 4 - 6 children for whom you want to purchase passes for, you should purchase a Family pass.
      • Otherwise, if you want passes for 3 or fewer children, then you will save more money by purchasing a single Adult LFP and individual Dependent passes for each child.
    • If the dependents will be using the pass for a shorter period of time then the adult, then the answer is more complicated. This scenario applies to many different family combinations, including parents who only have their children for part of the year and where the adult member uses the facilities for a greater period of time then the children do. In those circumstances, for most family make-ups, it would be most economical to purchase the Adult and Dependent passes.
Gift CardsReturn to Index
  1. Can I pay for my pass with a Gift Card?
  2. Yes. You may use your gift card(s) to pay for passes online. The online payment section has been modified to include Gift Card payments.

  3. How does the Gift Card payment work?
  4. On the payment page, the Balance Due amount will reflect the total price of all your purchases, minus any credit you had on account. To pay the balance partially or fully with a Gift Card, enter your Gift Card account number in the Gift Card Number field and click the Submit Gift button. The 12 digit number is printed on the back of the Gift Card, underneath the bar code. You do NOT enter an amount. The system will deduct as much of the Balance Due from your Gift Card balance as possible and adjust the Balance Due on the web page accordingly.

  5. Can I find out the balance on my Gift Card online?
  6. You cannot find out the balance of your Gift Card(s) from the web prior to using them as payment. However, once you enter a Gift Card number for payment and press the Submit button, the Beginning Balance of the Gift Card prior to the payment request, the amount used for this payment, and the Ending Balance of the Gift Card after this payment are all displayed on the screen. The confirmation e-mail will contain the beginning and ending balances as well as the amount used.

    You may also obtain your current Gift Card balance by calling 703-222-4664, Monday thru Friday from 9am 4pm.

  7. What happens if the Gift Card balance does not pay for the entire transaction?
  8. If you still have a Balance Due after making a Gift Card payment, you may pay the remaining balance with another Gift Card or by using a credit card.

  9. Can I purchase a gift card on the web?
  10. No. At this point in time, Gift Cards can only be purchased from select Park Authority locations. For more details, visit our gift card web page.

Pass Usage Return to Index
  1. Where can I use my Leisure Fitness Pass or 25 visit Discount Fast Pass?
  2. The Leisure Fitness Pass and 25 visit Discount Fast Pass are good for general admission at all nine RECenters,. However, you will be asked to designate at the time of sale which site you plan to visit most often. Other restrictions apply for Golf passes. See item #4 below.

  3. Where can Racquetball court usage passes be used?
  4. Racquetball session passes can be used at any of the following Park Authority sites: Audrey Moore, Lee District, Oak Marr, Providence, South Run, and Spring Hill. Advanced reservations are required to reserve racquetball courts.

  5. Does reserving a Racquetball court gain me entrance to the Racquetball site?
  6. No. Admission to the RECenter is a separate fee from the racquetball court rental fee. Leisure Fitness or Discount Fast Passes can be purchased and used to cover the RECenter admission fee or you can choose to pay the daily admission fee.

  7. Where can Golf passes be used?
  8. Golf passes can only be used at the site the pass is purchased for.

  9. If I have a Golf pass, do I still need to make Tee Time Reservations?
  10. Yes. You must reserve a tee time to play golf on the Fairfax County Park Authority courses, whether you have a golf round pass or not.

  11. What is 'Weekday' for Golf passes and what is 'Weekend'?
  12. Weekdays and Weekends for passes are as follows:

    • Burke Lake, Jefferson, Oak Marr, Pinecrest:
      • Weekdays: Monday - Friday
      • Weekends: Saturday Sunday & Holidays
    • Greendale, Twin Lakes - Lakes Course:
      • Weekdays
        • April October: Monday Thursday
        • November March: Monday - Friday
      • Weekends
        • April October: Friday Sunday & Holidays
        • November March: Saturday Sunday & Holidays
    • Laurel Hill:
      •  Weekdays: Monday - Friday
      • Weekends: Saturday Sunday & Holidays
    Cancellations/RefundsReturn to Index
    1. What is your refund policy?
    2. Passes that have expired are not refundable. For any other request, you must visit the location specified for your pass and fill out a Refund Request form. Consult our staff at the applicable site for details.


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