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Please note that some information below differs from the details printed in the Parktakes Magazine. The information below is current.

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Swimming II for Children (6-12 yrs.)
DESCRIPTION: Prerequisite: Swimming I or equivalent skill proficiency. Class emphasizes increasing participant's confidence and ability to perform skills with and without assistance or use of flotation devices. Skills include: jumping in chest deep water, blowing bubbles with face submerged under water, floating on front and back, gliding on front and back at least two body lengths, rolling over from front to back and back to front, swimming on front and back at least three body lengths using arms and legs and treading water.
LOCATION: Lee District RECenter
AGE RANGE: 5 yrs 11 mos to 13 yrs 1 mo
PROGRAM CODE: 4561160902
START DATE: 1/9/2018
DAYS/TIMES: 7:10pm Tue
CLASS LENGTH: 45 minutes
FEE (in/out of county): 111.00 / 126.00

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